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About ViaOpta

The ViaOpta suite of apps have been designed specifically for those living with low vision. The three featured apps are ViaOpta Daily, ViaOpta Nav and ViaOpta Simulator.

  • ViaOpta Daily is designed as a personal assistant to help people with low vision with their everyday activities.
  • ViaOpta Nav offers an experience that can be life changing if you are living with low vision by helping you to increase your mobility and regain independence.

  • ViaOpta Simulator has been designed specifically for patients, health care professionals and caretakers. The app provides a first person look at what it is like to live with visual impairment.

The apps are available for free download from Apple iOS and Android (Google Play) stores on your mobile devices.

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Learn more about the ViaOpta Daily app

ViaOpta Daily

Learn more about the ViaOpta Nav app

ViaOpta Nav

Learn more about the ViaOpta Simulator app

ViaOpta Simulator


ViaOpta apps have won prestigious awards for the ways they are helping the visually impaired lead more independent lives. Awards include:

ViaOpta apps wins Bronze Cannes Lions

Bronze Cannes Lions

The Cannes Lions Mobile Awards are awarded to the freshest creative mobile ideas. The ViaOpta Daily smartphone application won a bronze award in the Spring 2015, a true testament to the innovation behind the ViaOpta apps as well as the benefits to users.

ViaOpta apps win European Excellence Award

European Excellence Award

ViaOpta Nav and Daily apps were awarded the European Excellence Award for a commitment to help innovate for patients and help those with low vision regain independence.

ViaOpta apps win Pharma Choice Awards

Pharma Choice Awards

ViaOpta Nav was recognized by the Pharma Choice Awards for “offering a unique experience that can be life changing” by helping patients “increase their mobility”